We represent C.M Surface Spa from Italy who is the

recognized leader in the engineering and construction of automatic centrifugal wheel type blast cleaning and shot peening machines for surface treatment operations.
C.M. equipment is utilized throughout industry for a tremendous variety of applications.


Some proven application
for "C.M." blastcleaning and shot-peening machines

·         Descaling of hot forgings, hot stampings workpieces manufactured in steel or non-ferrous alloy.

·         Descaling of hot-rolled profiles, tubes, sheets before painting.

·         Finishing of cast light alloy wheel rims for automobiles and motorbikes.

·         Shot-Peening of springs and mechanical elements for fatique life improvement.

·         Cleaning, etching before painting  of bicycle and motorcycle frames.

·         Removal of refractory (ceramic) material from precision castings, and their deburring after cutting.

·         Cleaning of tools: - after brazing of hard metal or cemented carbide inserts or tips - after heat treatment - before paiting.

·         Cleaning of die for aluminum extrusion industry.

·         Cleaning of moulds for fabrication of glass containers.

·         Cleaning of dies used for permanent low pressure and gravity die casting of light alloy components (automobile wheel rims, furniture parts, etc.).

·         Cleaning, reconditioning of parts of automobiles such as: brakes, clutches, shock absorbers, sterring knuckles, all joints, etc.

·         Mechanical artificial ageing for aesthetic purposes natural stone and resin or cement bond agglomerates.

·         Deflashing of thermoset (sintered, and injection molded) plastics and fiberglass parts.

·         Deburring, finishing of sintered metal (powder metallurgy) components.

·         Deflashing, finishing of high pressure die castings (engine components, ornamental hardware, aircraft and missile components, etc.).

·         Core knockout, cleaning (fettling) of ferrous and non-ferrous sand castings.