Conforma Clad is a leading global provider of wear protection solutions to high-performance industrial markets. Our brazed tungsten carbide cladding significantly increases equipment life in extreme environments. Conforma Clad works best when exposed to multiple modes of failure, including combinations corrosion, abrasion and erosion.




Plastic Compounding:

Conforma Clad has engineered the only Tri-Metallic severe wear solution for twin-screw, co-rotating extrusion barrels. We clad the bores of steel extruder barrels with WC 200, creating a hard, abrasion-resistant barrier, and apply WC 219 to the apex, making it extremely ductile and chip-resistant.


Extrusion Barrels and barrel liners     Conveying pipeline components              Extrusion Die










Coal Power Generation:

Conforma Clad has delivered cost-effective wear solutions to coal-fired power plants since 1991. Our brazed tungsten carbide cladding is proven to diminish the effects of abrasion, corrosion, and erosion caused by fly ash and other particulate matter. We significantly extend the useful life of fan blades, ash conveyance systems, and components for coal burners and pulverizers.


             Burner Components                                  Boiler Tube                                       Fan











Other applications: Petfood, aquafeed, human food, pulp & paper, cement etc